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Properties of Phosphate Coating

Phosphate Coatings Offer A Number Of Benefits For Increased Wear And Corrosion Protection.

Corrosion Protection

Phosphate, followed by an appropriate post-treatment, provides added corrosion protection to the surface of the metal, prolonging service and increasing the shelf-life of stored parts.


The phosphate finish provides an anti-galling surface for mating parts that sacrifices the lubricating layer of phosphate during initial contact and abrasion, while a work-hardened surface is being formed.


The oil-based post-treatment available for phosphate not only provides added protection against corrosion, but also produces a lubricating film for smoother running of mating parts.

Reduce Light Glare

The phosphate finish also reduces glare and eye fatigue in optical applications or where bright light reflection is a concern.

Surface Preparation

The phosphate finish improves adhesion of parts prior to painting and lacquering processes.


Phosphate is a simple, cost effective means of providing mild corrosion protection and increasing the aesthetic value of parts. It is a much faster process that saves time and money over painting or other metal finishing processes.