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Dry Film Lubricant Technical Information

dry film

Dry film Lubricants are available in a number of specialized formulations, including PTFE coatings. These high performance coatings contain fine particles of lubricating pigments blended with binders and other additives which produce specialized properties suitable for a variety of applications and work environments. After the coating has been cured, the lubricants become bonded to the surface of the part. These lubricating pigments reduce friction and wear by preventing surface contact between mating parts (i.e. a shaft and bearing).

Many of the dry film lubricants also contain additional rust inhibitors which offer exceptional corrosion protection in addition to the increased wear resistance. Some dry film lubricants are specifically designed to operate at high temperatures. Some are formulated for use in extreme environments and can withstand nuclear radiation.

Performance properties vary depending on the specific lubricating pigment used. The dry film products and the properties associated with them are too numerous to list here. To learn more about the various dry film lubricants available Contact us.

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