Metal Cleaning

Metal cleaning, or metal washing, is the process of removing undesirable soils (material) that are present on the surface of the metal. Although this may sound like a simple operation upon the surface, there are actually a number of things to consider in order to achieve the best results from the cleaning.

The Type of soil to be removed, the type of metal to be cleaned and the overall cost of the cleaning process are the first considerations. These factors will need to be considered in relation to the degree of cleanliness required. Then the best method of cleaning can be selected.

There are basically eight types of cleaning to choose from:

Methods of Metal Cleaning
  • Alkaline Cleaning
  • Electrolytic Cleaning
  • Emulsion Cleaning
  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Acid Cleaning
  • Pickling
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Salt Bath Descaling

Ampere Metal Finishing Facilities

Our facilities offer Alkaline Cleaning, Solvent Cleaning, Acid Cleaning, Pickling and Abrasive Blast Cleaning to meet our customers' needs. metal cleaning

These cleaning methods can be either a pre-processing stage followed by a subsequent coating or they can be done as the final process. The following is a brief description of our capabilities for each cleaning process.

Immersion Alkaline Cleaning, Acid Cleaning and Pickling can be processed in one of three possible tank configurations. Large to medium sized parts can be processed either through our 10" x 30" x 15' long cleaning line with a maximum lifting capacity of 3500 lbs. or we can process them in our 44" x 40" x 96" long line with a maximum lifting capacity of 1500 lbs. Small parts can be processed through our barrel cleaning facilities with a lifting capacity of 200 lbs.

Solvent Cleaning is performed by hand and can accommodate a variety of sized parts.

Our Abrasive Blast Cleaning process can ensure that your parts are clean and ready for further processing. Unfortunately, we have a limited capacity in this area. Please contact us for further information.

Our trained staff will be happy to work with you to choose the most appropriate cleaning method for your needs.

Supplementary Rust Inhibitors

For increased corrosion protection, we also offer several types of rust inhibitors that may be applied after the cleaning for increased protection against rust, where applicable.

Post Treatments for Improved Corrosion Resistance!
  • Water Soluble Oil (Our default post treatment)
  • Water Soluble Light Oil (dry to the touch)
  • Solvent-based Oil (improved corrosion protection)
  • Water Soluble Wax
  • Water Soluble Acrylic

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